The NHS Department of Theatre presents comedy SPY SCHOOL

The Norwell High School Department of Theatre presents the roaring and ridiculous comedy SPY SCHOOL.

It is 1961, and ordinary teenager Jane Doe (Maggie Billman) is drafted by the CIA to become a super-secret agent. Her mission? Infiltrate an American high school to locate a Russian spy about to send classified space program information to the USSR. But it's not easy being undercover, especially when your spy family consists of a femme fatale "mom"(Harley Link), a 40-year-old "younger brother"(Beau Burke), and the most dashingly narcissistic "dad"(Quinn Kumfer)ever! Add to that mix some obnoxious fellow students including ultra-nerd Spencer (Schuylar Casto), a blatantly sexist curriculum, and the horror that is prom and you've got a mission that might be impossible.

After accepting the job, Jane Doe must contend with the whims of Fizz the inventor (Aaron Boyle), Priscilla the stuck-up (Shelby Haiflich), Bruce the heart-throb (Dakota Nelson), three irritating teachers (Philip Gordon, Alivia Topp, and Alexis Hathaway), an astronaut (Austin Haller), a disc jockey (Ian Tyler), and a slew of others who get in the way of her mission including Kristene McAfee, Sam Wells, Josh Koehler, Patrick McRoden, Nick Dellinger, Bradley Hammons, Damon Gerber, McKenzie Steele, Alyssa Plumley, Pat Kizer, Darah Shepherd, Megan Dailey, Alora Trinkle, Holden Bennett, Libby Smith, Madi Marks, Makayla Numbers and Aubrea Kobryn.

SPY SCHOOL, written by Don Zolidis, and directed by theatre arts teacher Susan Kahn, will be presented Friday April 12 and Saturday April 13 at 7pm. $5 Tickets can be purchased at the door beginning at 6pm. This is exactly the fun and light-hearted kind of play to which you can bring the whole family!

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