--- Secondary School Opportunities

LESSON B-2:  Secondary School Opportunities


2. Secondary School Opportunities

During your years in high school you make many decisions. What courses will I take? Which diploma track should I be on? How will I get enough credits to graduate?

Activity 5:
Diplomarama — Fill in the blanks first with what you already know. Then go to the Indiana Department of Education's Diploma Requirements page [link]. Use the various links on this page to answer the questions on the worksheet.

Activity 6:
Choose a career from “Unit A: What About Me?” Complete the Secondary School Planning chart as though you are pursuing this career. What courses would you choose? Use the Occupational Outlook Handbook and the links below to find out what high school courses are recommended for this career.

You will need to refer to the following sites to complete the chart:
IDOE Core 40 Diploma Requirements
Indiana College & Career Pathways
Norwell High School Course Selections

Sample document: Norwell Student Transcript

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