College and Careers



What Does "Career" Mean to You?

Think about people you know or have read about, or about your own career dreams. What words come to mind when you think about the word “career”?

A career is...

"a general course of action or progress through life. It is the sum of your life experiences; a way of living; occupation; profession.
Oxford Dictionary

Your career journey begins here!

UNIT A: Who Am I? You will be creating a personal profile by assessing your interests, skills, personality, etc.

UNIT B: What's In My Future? You will explore decision making, the influences on your decisions, and your opportunities in high school.

UNIT C: What Do Employers Want? Employment skills are what they ALL want. You will practice and evaluate the skills employers look for including health and safety.

UNIT D: What Opportunities Do I Have After High School? You will consider all your options for after high school.

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