Future City Cup cakes
Future City NMS Champs
Champions together Banner presentation
NHS Band recognized at school board meeting for competing in the state finals
NHS girls cross country state finalist recognized at the school board meeting
Rainy homecoming football night
Silly selfie
Jumping kids at LES Walk-a-thon
JUmping students
Mallory class picture with Dr. Scott Mills
Street Fair Soccer girls
LES 5th grade board presentation
OES K learning how to do lunch
Morning greeting in Mrs. Valenti's class
STEAM practice in Mrs. Valenti's class

Transportation Information

If you registered for transportation by the July 30th deadline, bus route information will be sent via instant connect on Thurs. August 6th or by 10am on Fri. August 7th.  Information will include the bus drivers name & phone number.  If you  do not receive the instant connect message by 10am Friday, please call 260-622-4125.

Plans for the 2020-21 School year-Update 7-15-20

A Task Force of parents, teachers, administrators, maintenance staff, custodial staff, transportation staff, cafeteria staff, and school board members worked over the past month to create a plan to reopen school on Aug. 10, 2020 for the new school year.  The NWCS School Board approved the plan on July 14, 2020. Individual school plans will be released by the end of the week.  
Parents will be given the choice to send students to school or receive an online/remote education through NWCS if there is a medical necessity for the child or a family member.  NWCS will not require a doctor's note for this option.  
Bus transportation will be impacted and students will be limited to an assigned seat on one bus route.
 If you did not receive an email to select the options for learning or transportation, you can use the link below to make your choices.  Selections are required by the end of the day July 27, 2020.
Please click below to review the board approved guidance for reopening NWCS. 

Parent Survey regarding 2020-21

Here are the quantitative results so far from a survey to parents regarding the 2020-21 school year. The survey is not considered scientific, but it does provide useful insight for planning. The board will discuss this info next Tuesday and next steps will be determined. We will be likely putting together a task force to assemble our plans.

Kindergarten Round-Up 2020-21

It’s that time again!  Time to Round-Up Kindergarten Students. If you have a student or know of a student who will be attending Kindergarten for 2020-21, please complete the Kindergarten Round-Up registration link below. The information will be used to keep our future NWCS students and parents up to date.

Kindergarten Round-Up Link 

NWCS welcomes those who live out of district!  If you live out of district please fill out the Transfer Form for 2020-21 click here.

Updates from the Indiana Department of Education

Click the link below to see that lastest COVID-19 updates from the Indiana Department of Education.

Got a Question?

Click the link below to ask a question.  

Expectations of a NHS Graduate

Click the link above to view the characteristics we strive to help our students possess when they graduate from Norwell High School.

The AIM of NWCS...

The AIM of the Northern Wells Community Schools is to equip students to maximize their present and future success.

Reopening Update 7-25-20

NWCS Update: Because of the Governor's executive order, parents will have until July 30th to select whether they will send their children to NWCS schools every day or participate in the remote/online learning option; and, to select whether to use school bus transportation. The original deadline was July 27th. The school board will consider any changes to the original reopening guidance at the regular meeting on July 28th. 

You can go to www.nwcs.k12.in.us under the heading, "Plans for the 2020-21 School year-Update 7-15-20" to find the "Click here to select options for learning and bus transportation" and the current reopening guidance. 

If you have already submitted your choices and change your mind, you can fill out the form again and we will honor your most recent submission. (Go to the “Click here to select options…”)


NWCS plans to use a Facebook live forum after the school board meeting on July 28th to address additional questions generated from any reopening changes approved by the school board or any other questions that have yet to be addressed.


Thanks for your patience and cooperation in these unpredictable times.


FYI-everything is subject to change on short notice these days….

NWCS School Calendars

         1st Student Day  
    Monday, August 10, 2020 

2020-21 Immunization Requirements

Information for Immunizations for the 2020-21 school year..click here.

COVID-19 Continuous Learning Plan

This plan is required but the State Department of Education and can be revised as needed.

Annual Reports


Central Office Hours

Regular Office hours for Central Office -  8-4 PM, Mon.- Fri.
If you need assistance outside of regular hours, please call us at 260-622-4125 and we will be happy to schedule an appointment.

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District Event Calendar

Thu Aug 6 2020
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Academic State Report Card

You can click on the link below to view the Northern Wells Community School state Report Card.


Press Release - Record Destruction

In accordance with Indiana Code 5-15-6-3 requiring prior notification to individuals when records will be destroyed:

Notice to any individuals born in the year 1998, who received special education services in Adams and/or Wells Counties. Please contact Adams Wells Special Services no later than August 7, 2020 if you wish to receive copies of your special education records. All records requested for pick-up and not picked up and non-requested records for persons born in the year 1998 will be permanently destroyed after August 10, 2020. If you wish to request records, you must call (260)824-5880 to do so. Records must be picked up by the person who received services unless otherwise legally designated.