Future City Cup cakes
Future City NMS Champs
Champions together Banner presentation
NHS Band recognized at school board meeting for competing in the state finals
NHS girls cross country state finalist recognized at the school board meeting
Rainy homecoming football night
Silly selfie
Jumping kids at LES Walk-a-thon
JUmping students
Mallory class picture with Dr. Scott Mills
Street Fair Soccer girls
LES 5th grade board presentation
OES K learning how to do lunch
Morning greeting in Mrs. Valenti's class
STEAM practice in Mrs. Valenti's class

Parent Survey regarding 2020-21

Here are the quantitative results so far from a survey to parents regarding the 2020-21 school year. The survey is not considered scientific, but it does provide useful insight for planning. The board will discuss this info next Tuesday and next steps will be determined. We will be likely putting together a task force to assemble our plans.

Kindergarten Round-Up 2020-21

It’s that time again!  Time to Round-Up Kindergarten Students. If you have a student or know of a student who will be attending Kindergarten for 2020-21, please complete the Kindergarten Round-Up registration link below. The information will be used to keep our future NWCS students and parents up to date.

Kindergarten Round-Up Link 

NWCS welcomes those who live out of district!  If you live out of district please fill out the Transfer Form for 2020-21 click here.

Student Meals During School Closure

Starting Tuesday April 14, 2020, meals will be distributed two (2) days a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  On Tuesdays, two (2) meals will be distributed and on Thursday, three (3) meals will be distributed.      

Tuesday & Thursday Pick-up: 11:00 AM – 1:00 PM  

Ossian Elementary           Door 6  

Lancaster Elementary     Door 14  

Norwell High School        Door 20  

If you selected delivery, those meals will be delivered to the address you provided or an alternate location where you were instructed to meet the bus.  Our bus drivers will be in our smaller white buses so they can pull into driveways.  If you do not meet them at the bus, they will leave the meals on your front door step.   

If you have dogs outside, our drivers will either leave the meals by the mailbox, on the driveway, or not delivery the meals at all.  Our drivers have been instructed to use their discretion to maintain their personal safety.  

Bus delivery will begin at 10 AM.  It may take up to three hours to deliver all of the meals.  We apologize, but this is our first attempt.  If you do not have your meals by 1 PM, please call us at 622-4125 to let us know.    

COVID-19 Closure update 4-2-20 4:00 PM

Brief update after today’s Govenor’s press conference:

School will not return to normal this school year.  However, NWCS will have to provide 160 days of instruction to our students for the school year.  Our current calendar accomplishes that.

Seniors who were on track to graduate will.

We are still planning to conduct graduation by some method at some time so we will not change the date for it yet.  However, we cannot guarantee we will hold in on it’s original date.

High School credit offering classes for Grades 8-11 will continue to completion for awarding credit.

NWCS will have to develop a learning plan due to the DOE April 17th to describe how we will comply with the State’s guidelines.

As for a local decision, NWCS facilities will be closed for any non-work related activity for the rest of the year. 

More guidance will be offered for all of this breaking news in the near future.

Updates from the Indiana Department of Education

Click the link below to see that lastest COVID-19 updates from the Indiana Department of Education.

Got a Question?

Click the link below to ask a question.  

Expectations of a NHS Graduate

Click the link above to view the characteristics we strive to help our students possess when they graduate from Norwell High School.

The AIM of NWCS...

The AIM of the Northern Wells Community Schools is to equip students to maximize their present and future success.

NWCS School Calendars

COVID-19 Continuous Learning Plan

This plan is required but the State Department of Education and can be revised as needed.

Annual Performance Report


Central Office Hours

 June 3rd - June 5th our Office is closed due to resurfacing of the parking lot, if you need assistance please call 622-4125.
Regular Office hours for Central Office -  8-4 PM, Mon.- Fri.
If you need assistance outside of regular hours, please call us at 260-622-4125 and we will be happy to schedule an appointment.

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