Especially for Parents

Entrance Requirements

Kindergarten - Each child of legal settlement shall be eligible for Kindergarten providing that s/he has attained the age of five (5) on or before August 1st.  This requirement shall also apply to children who transfer into the Northern Wells Community Schools and who may have attended private or public kindergarten in another locality.

First Grade - If a child seeking to enroll in first grade has not attended kindergarten, the Superintendent shall make a determination as to whether the student will enroll in kindergarten or first grade based upon the assessment model found in the administrative guidelines.  

Enrollment Information

To expedite enrollment, please make an appointment with the school and provide student’s birth certificate, proof of residence, and custody paperwork (if applicable). It will also be helpful to provide previous school records, shot records, and any special education records. Every effort will be made for the student to attend classes as soon as possible.

Parental Involvement

We welcome support from parents. Parents frequently serve on committees, tutor, and volunteer for academic activities and extracurricular events. Parents are also invited to become instrumental partners in the elementary schools’ PTOs, the middle school’s Crusader Parents, and the high school’s PIT (Parents in Touch) Crew.

Student Transfer to NWCS

No student who is not a resident within the School District will be entitled to transfer into the NWCS School District except upon compliance with the following conditions:

The student, if age eighteen (18) or older, or the student’s parent or guardian, must request the School District to consider the transfer (in writing) prior to August 1st of the school year in which transfer is being sought

NWCS determines that the School District will not be adversely impacted by such transfer with respect to:

space available;
restraints on existing program;
availability of teaching and related personnel;
the prior discipline, academic, and attendance record of the student seeking transfer.

The student, if age eighteen (18) or older, the parent, or the guardian, pays any applicable transfer tuition by the date it is due.

The student, if age eighteen (18) or older, the parent, or the guardian remains responsible for all of the student’s transportation to and from school.

The student, if age eighteen (18) or older, the parent, or guardian, executes a written "Transfer Agreement" setting forth the terms and conditions of this policy which must remain in effect in order to permit the student’s continued attendance in the NWCS School District.

The School District will review all transfers annually, and reserves the right to rescind a transfer if there is a change in any of the conditions set forth herein. In addition, Northern Wells Community Schools reserves the right to review the conditions set forth in the Transfer Agreement at any time, and if any material condition has been breached, rescind transfer immediately. The Superintendent shall make the determinations which are requisite to the acceptance and continuation of a transfer and such decision shall be final and not subject to appeal to the School Board of Trustees.

Bobcat Care

Latchkey programs at our elementary schools offer before- and after-school care for students in kindergarten through grade five. The programs open on scheduled school days at 6:30 a.m. and close at 6 p.m.
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