Favorite Technology

iPad Apps

Best Practice Apps
Video Taping:  Our students use the video camera to film them selves saying their target sounds.  They then get to watch and check to make sure their tongue and mouth were in the right spot as well as listen to their sounds.
Songify: It is fun for our students to tune their record speech practice in to a song
Best General Apps:
Bitsboard:  You can create flashcards and then set them up in five different game formats.  You can record yourself or use their pre-recorded speech.  You can take your own pictures or search their database.  There tons of flashcard sets that other people have created from sight words to learning languages.
Tiny Tap:  Make your own interactive storybook using your own pictures.
Interactive Whiteboard: Write on a whiteboard and record while you write.  Teach a lesson or have a student demonstrate their understanding.
Perfect Captions: Add a caption to any picture.  Students can snap a picture and then write all the words with their sounds they see or they can write a sentence about what is happening.  They can send the teacher their finished caption.
QR Code Scanner: Let's your ipad scan qr codes. We go online and create worksheets with QR codes that let our students use the iPad to check their answers or to take them to a webpage.
Best Sentence Apps
Sentence Maker:  Students sort out words to make sentences.  This app lets you create your oen sentences.
Complete the Sentence:  This is a fill in the blank tasks where students need to choose the word that makes sense.
Jumbled Sentences:  This is a series of apps in which the words are jumbled and the student needs to arrange them into a sentence.
Best Writing Apps
StoryKit: Create and narrate your own e book.  Add pictures you take or draw
Pages: A standard word processor that lets students email in Word format so they can pull it up later on a PC.
Typ-O HD: Word prediction software.  Helps with writing deficits.
Dictation:  Dictation is built right into iPad 3.  Just click on the microphone whenever you see the keyboard.  Speak and hit the space bar and the computer will type for you.
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