--- Multiple Intelligences



LESSON A-4: Multiple Intelligences


What are your intelligences?

Not everyone is intelligent in the same way. Everyone has strengths that they should not ignore and get help from other people in areas where they are weaker. For example, the lawyer may not be able to fix a car. At the same time, the auto mechanic may not be able to argue a case in court. The lawyer has verbal/linguistic intelligence and the auto mechanic has bodily/kinesthetic intelligence. Everyone has several intelligences.

Activity 5: What are your top 3 multiple intelligences?

Go to “Multiple Intelligences Quiz-LINK” to find the Birmingham Grid for Learning-Multiple Intelligences.

1. Click on the Take a Test link

2. Complete the 40-question quiz to obtain a pie chart showing your areas of intelligence.

3. Do a PRINT SCREEN of your pie chart and paste it into a Word document.

4. Below the chart, give PROOF from your life that your top 3 intelligences are true. What have you done that relates to your top 3 intelligences?

5. Identify 4-6 careers that match your top intelligences. Refer to your Career Matchmaker from Career Cruising.

6. Save as A5 Intelligence in your College and Careers folder.

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