Stephanie Mounsey, RN
260-543-2218 x 6010
The school nurse will determine appropriate treatment when a student comes to the clinic. Occasionally symptoms may require that the student be sent home. Parental contact will be attempted first, and then the emergency contact person listed on your child’s health form.
Accurate Emergency Contact Phone Numbers are Essential!

The State of Indiana requires that each student entering the 6th grade have updated immunizations, as listed on the link above, before the 1st day of school. Any student not meeting these requirements will receive one notice; after two weeks, the student may be excluded from school until we receive notification of immunizations. 


 * Medications must be brought to the school clinic immediately upon arrival to school, and will be stored in a locked cabinet. 
 * Medication must be current and in the original container. 

 Students are not permitted to transport medications home on the bus. If a student brings medication to the school, it is to be brought to the clinic immediately.

 * A parent/guardian signed permission slip must be on file at school in order for medication to be dispensed to your child. 



A doctor's order or care plan is required for any student with a known medical condition (i.e. heart condition, seizure disorder, diabetes, asthma, allergic reactions, or other illness requiring doctor's care, including recent surgery, etc.). A written doctor's order explaining activity restrictions will be kept on file for the school year. This must be updated yearly. A copy will also be given to the NMS Guidance Department so that class schedules may be adjusted accordingly.


ALL students will participate in P.E. and/or Aquatics classes as scheduled unless a doctor’s order is on file listing restrictions.

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