Get To Know NMS

What Makes NMS Special?

What Makes NMS Special?

There are many components that make Norwell Middle School a unique and special place. NMS offers a variety of classes and activities that encourage and promote social, emotional and academic growth in a safe and innovative learning environment.

We are a four-time "A" rated school (2012, 2013, 2014, 2015). The Indiana Department of Education issues a report card for schools, which are made public. We are proud to give access to our D.O.E. Report Card.
Please browse through the information below to access information that you feel you would like to know more about.
If, after searching our webpage you are interested in attending Norwell Middle School, please contact the building principal by clicking on the New NMS Student link below. He will provide you with more information and schedule a building tour if you are interested.
Transfer students please click on the Transfer Students email link below to notify us of your specific requests (i.e. grades and ages of child(ren), etc. so we can direct you to the appropriate information.:


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Welcome to Norwell Middle School

We have developed some very useful information especially for PARENTS and STUDENTS transitioning to Norwell Middle School. Please click on the appropriate link to read more.

Technology in our School

In this ever-changing world, Norwell Middle School uses various technological media to enhance learning.
  • An iPad is distributed to each student for classroom and home use as assigned 
  • Students have access to age-appropriate online media for research and daily classroom activities
  • Staff members use PC, MacBook Pro and iPad as instructional aids
  • NMS has a Production Studio complete with studio lighting and "green screen"
  • Core curriculum classrooms are equipped with Smartboards
  • All classrooms have LED projectors
  • NMS has two computer labs: Desktop PC lab in NMS Library; Laptops in additional lab

Norwell High School Graduate Profile

Norwell High School Graduate Profile Northern Wells strives to provide each student with educational and personal skills to achieve specific goals as a Norwell High School Graduate. Click on this link to see the Norwell High School Graduate Profile.

NMS Core Classes

NMS Core Classes
Norwell Middle School is accredited by the Indiana Department of Education, and provides students with curriculum based on Indiana Academic Standards or National Standards. Core subjects include science, language arts, composition, social studies and mathematics.
The following advanced classes are offered to challenge students:
  • Advanced Language Arts is available for 7th and 8th grade students
  • Advanced Math is available for 6th, 7th, and 8th grade
  • Algebra for high school credit for qualified students
See NMS Academics page for more information.
Accommodations are made for students who need extra support academically, emotionally or physically (with a 504 or IEP on file) to ensure in their success at Norwell Middle School. See  Office of Special Education Indiana D.O.E..
Support is available for 6th, 7th and 8th grade students in a daily guided study class to encourage students to develop organizational management skills, study habits and personal responsibility regarding classroom assignments. Math & Reading Labs are available during the school day to help enhance student success. Study Tables is available on Tuesdays & Thursdays after school 2:30-3:30 as a homework guidance opportunity.

NMS Staff

Norwell Middle School staff members provide the NMS Student Community with the tools to achieve personal and academic growth, while encouraging self-motivation, self-responsibility, and self-accountability in an ever-changing social, technological and educational environment. Explore more about our staff here.

NMS Related Arts

Norwell Middle School boasts a variety of related arts classes to encourage students to experience useful life skills including  Family and Consumer Science, Physical Education, Aquatics, Art, Computer Applications and Tehnology Education as well as elective courses for 6th, 7th and 8th grade students in Band and Choir.
6th, 7th & 8th grade students can participate in the highly successful Middle School Show Choir Program.  
Interested 7th & 8th grade musicians, color guard and background support can participate as a member of the Norwell High School Marching Band who have qualified for the State Championships at Lucas Oil Stadium.
 6th, 7th & 8th grade students can participate in Winter Color Guard.

Specialized Educational Programs

Specialized Educational Programs
Norwell Middle School includes these Specialized Educational Programs for the benefit of our students and community:
Personal Finance education is provided to 8th grade students through Junior Achievement. Students complete activities as established by this program, and have the opportunity to put the lessons into action during a day-long personal management program.
Alive and Well is an abstinence and healthy lifestyle choices education program geared to specific grade levels. Creating Positive Relationships (CPR) has grade appropriate and separate programming for 6th, 7th and 8th grade students.

Extracurricular Academic Programs

Norwell Middle School encourages excellence as students prepare and compete for top honors. 
We annually participant in the National Spelling Bee - interested students study for and challenge each other to achieve individual success. The winner of the NMS Spelling Bee goes on to compete in the Wells County Spelling Bee. Winner of the County Spelling Bee goes on to compete in a state-wide event, and then on to the National Competition in Washington, D.C.

The Academic Super Bowl is a theme-based academic competition. Each year the state organization sets a theme and develops specific study guides for fine arts, English, math, science, and social studies. 

NMS Clubs and Organizations

NMS Student Council is a service organization providing a voice to the student body through student involvement with the school administration, teachers, support staff, as well as the Northern Wells community.

Student Council members represent Norwell Middle School through community outreach activities by providing support to organizations such as the Wells County Food Bank and Riley Children’s Hospital. They sponsor school dances and activity nights, help to build school spirit and are role models for their fellow students.

Student Council provides the students of Norwell Middle School with an opportunity to talk to school administration to start new programs, or make changes to already established programs. They honor students & staff who have made, and continue to make a positive impact at Norwell Middle School.

The Norwell Middle School Chapter of the National Junior Honor Society was established in December 2014 in an effort to acknowledge outstanding NMS students who demonstrate excellence in the areas of academics, citizenship, stewardship, character and leadership. 

This is a national organization established to recognize outstanding middle level students, and provide service opportunities for the betterment of our school and community. Consideration for this honor begins with a minimum cumulative GPA of 10.8, but it is so much more than “just” honor roll! It is a very prestigious organization and we are very excited to share this with our students.

Yearbook accepts students from 6th, 7th and 8th grades. This activity starts in September and ends in March. The group meets about once a week to discuss the yearbook and pictures needed. Students may be asked to assist by taking photographs at sporting events and student activities. Students will chose and identify people in pictures, help pick the cover and help put the yearbook together for publishing.
The NMS Chess Club offers an opportunity for students to learn the game, improve their game, and compete against other students. This is open to all levels of players. They learn to analyze situations, evaluate options, plan strategically and solve problems. The Chess Club meets on Wednesdays every other week in the middle school library.
Using creative thinking, teamwork and robot programming skills, the students will gain hands-on experience as they design and build challenging problems for robots to solve. Students gather to learn more about and work with robots. The Robotics Club meets after school every other Wednesday in the tech room.

NMS Athletics

NMS Athletics
 NMS offers competitive sports throughout the school year. Click on Norwell Middle School Athletics to access more information.
 FALL Sports (August through October)  - Cross Country (6th, 7th, 8th grade boys & girls), Football (7th & 8th), Volleyball (7th & 8th).
CHEER Season (7th & 8th grade girls) - there are TWO seasons for Cheer. Tryouts for FOOTBALL season are held in March of the previous school year. Try-outs for Basketball season cheer.
BASKETBALL Season - (October through January) - 7th grade boys & girls, 8th grade boys & girls.
WINTER Sports - (January through March)  - Swim/Dive (6th, 7th, 8th), Wrestling (6th, 7th, 8th).
SPRING Sports - (March through May) - Soccer (6th, 7th, 8th), Track - (6th, 7th, 8th).
*You must have a current physical on file in the Norwell Middle School Office before all sports tryouts. 

Student Recognition

Academic Honor Roll: The following criteria have been set for qualifying for the honor roll categories. Results will be sent to the Ossian Journal and the Bluffton News-Banner, and can be found on our website under this link: NMS Honor Roll. Distinction GPA of 10.0 or higher with all grades A- or above Honor Roll GPA of 7.0 or higher with all grades B- or above. 
Academic Wall of Fame: In order to recognize those students who, over time, have achieved academic excellence, 8th grade students who have earned a 10.8 grade point average (based on cumulative GPA) will be recognized on the Academic Hall of Fame. The "wall" is actually a digital display showing the last four years' students who have obtained this recognition.
S.T.A.R.S. (Students That Are Really Special): Once a month, core subject teachers (not Related Arts) nominate students based on their academic performance, special achievements, citizenship and behavior in the classroom. These students meet with the NMS Assistant Principal, Holly Morgan, and are rewarded with ice cream cake!
Students of the Month: Students are recognized by their team teachers for excellent effort in all core classes. Students are rewarded with a pizza and pop luncheon with NMS Principal, Mr. Wilson!
Look for S.T.A.R.S. and Students of the Month on this link. 
Crusader of the Week: Coaches nominate student athletes weekly, based on their athletic ability or performance, sportsmanship and conduct on and off the field. Each nominee receives a letter of recognition from the NMS Athletic Director/, Mrs. Morgan, along with the written nomination submitted by the coach. All students nominated and selected attend a year-end pizza party.

NMS Newsletters

NMS Newsletters Keep up on happenings in our school by checking out our current and archived newsletters here


PowerSchool The intention of PowerSchool Parent Access is to provide parents, guardians, students, and teachers with a tool to communicate grades, attendance records, assignments, teacher comments, and school announcements.

Swap Shop

Swap Shop

The Norwell Middle School Swap Shop was established in 2010 by NMS Student Council sponsor Jody Gates to provide students in need with gently used clothing and shoes. We accept donated clothing from various sources – mostly from staff & other students.

The program was started as a “trading post” of sorts – if you gave a pair of jeans that were too small for you, you could exchange them for a pair that fit. However, there are those students who do not have something to give, but are definitely in need. Those students who are at risk can come into the Swap Shop (with staff supervision) and pick out clothing as needed.

Obviously, there are items that are considered personal and consumable – such as feminine hygiene products, personal hygiene items (deodorant, soap, shampoo, etc.), and socks & underwear, which need to be purchased with donated funds.


BackPack Program

BackPack Program
Norwell Middle School participates and supports the BackPack Program through the Purdue Extension.
The BackPack Program is a program that supports healthy, balanced eating over the weekend for school children who may not have adequate resources. Beginning as a pilot program in 1995, the BackPack Program became an official national program of the Feeding America Food Bank Network in 2006. To support the fight against hunger, backpacks are filled with child-friendly food which is nutritious, easy to open and requires no stove-top cooking. Empty backpacks are returned by students and refi lled for the next week.
For information on how to become involved in the BackPack Program, contact your local food bank: 

Crusader Parents

Crusader Parents
Join the Norwell Middle School Parent Organization!
Our goal is to work together to support and encourage our teachers, staff, and students in their pursuit of excellence. Meet other parents; foster good communication and much more!
Check out the Crusader Parent website and see how you can be involved!

For More Information

If, after searching our webpage you are interested in attending Norwell Middle School, please contact the building principal by clicking on the New NMS Student link or calling 260-622-4125 for more more information or to schedule a building tour.
Transfer students please click on the Transfer Students email link below to notify us of your specific requests (i.e. grades and ages of child(ren), etc. so we can direct you to the appropriate information:

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