Especially for Parents - Enrollment, Transfers, and Immunizations

Entrance Requirements

Kindergarten - Each child of legal settlement shall be eligible for Kindergarten providing that s/he has attained the age of five (5) on or before August 1st.  This requirement shall also apply to children who transfer into the Northern Wells Community Schools and who may have attended private or public kindergarten in another locality.

First Grade - If a child seeking to enroll in first grade has not attended kindergarten, the Superintendent shall make a determination as to whether the student will enroll in kindergarten or first grade based upon the assessment model found in the administrative guidelines.

2021-22 Fees

Pay for any fees (i.e. technology/textbook rental fees, class dues, PE uniforms) here

  • Textbook & Technology Fees 

    Grades K-2   $125

    Grades 3-5 $145

    Grades 6-8  $165

                Grades 9- 12  $165*  In addition to this rental cost, students attending shared CTE programs will be required to pay for the costs charged by the school hosting the program that are associated with that course. Also, dual credit courses and AP courses may require charges or fees above and beyond this Technology & Textbook fee. 

  • Pay fees through My School here 
  • Complete medical forms and drop off medication ...Health Form 2021-2022.pdf

  • Purchase athletic passes, yearbooks, etc. through My School Bucks

2022-2023 New Student Enrollment (New to the District)

2022-2023 Returning Student Registration

2022-2023 Return Student Registration Link will appear here in Mid-July 2022

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