Employee Acknowledgement Forms

NEW - Blood Borne Pathogens Employee Acknowledgement Sign Off Sheet -Blood Borne Pathogens, Hepatitis B Vaccination, Fleet Safety Policy, Uniform Internal Controls, Emergency Procedures Guide, Fire Safety, Technology Use Agreement.

Please print a copy of the Employee Acknowledgement  Sign Off Sheet.  Complete and return to your building secretary by Labor Day.

Blood Borne Pathogens Training Record - Please print a copy of this training record and then view the Blood Borne Pathogens video.

Hepatitis B Status Form - Please print a copy of this form.  Complete as is appropriate for your circumstance.

Technology Use Agreement - Only print the last page (signature page).  After reading the policy, please sign the signature page.

NWCS Fleet Safety Policy (required if you drive a corporation owned vehicle at any time) - Do not print off the policy.  Please read and review it electronically.
Seizure Training  - Please click the link and follow the directions to complete the required seizure training. 

Training Videos

Employee Handbook

This sign-off sheet is required for all NWCS support staff.
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