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Northern Wells Community Schools Technology Overview
Northern Wells Community Schools is a 1:1 device corporation using the iPad. 

Having Tech Issues?

Schoology App Troubleshooting

If you are having issues logging in to the Schoology App.  Login to Schoology using the web browser (Safari on the iPad) and go to and login.  Then try the App again and it should work.  If you are still having issues, contact the the helpdesk at 622-1611.
If you are having trouble logging in to Schoology, make sure you have selected the correct school with the GREEN DOT beside it and make sure you are at a Microsoft Login screen.   See Student Login Instructions below.
If you still have issues, reset ALL settings on your iPad.  Go to Settings (Gear),  select the General on the left side, scroll down on the right side and select Reset.  Select the top selection Reset All Settings.  This will clear your passcode and your background image, too.
Call 622-1611 for help.  Leave a message if nobody answers and someone will call you back. 

Need to reach Tech support?

Help Desk: (260) 622-1611

Cleaning your Apple Products

Technology Tidbits

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Apple Id Issues
Having Trouble with your Apple ID?
Call Apple Support at 1-800 275-2273.
Turn Off Your IPad at Night
Turn your iPad completely off when not using for an extended time. (Overnight) 
Access Mail from your Tablet?
Need to setup your ipad email ?
Unreponsive IPad/IPhone Home Button?
Do you have an unresponsive IPad/IPhone Home Button?
View text-based website