Northern Wells Community School's curriculum aligns with Indiana’s Academic Standards and vertically across grade levels and content areas with increasing cognitive difficulty at each level. The curriculum is adapted and differentiated based on student needs. Our printed curriculum portfolios document state standards, performance indicators, instructional strategies, required background knowledge and vocabulary, assessments, and resources.

High levels of achievement are a priority in Northern Wells Community Schools. The foundation of instruction that continues through twelfth grade begins at the elementary level with language arts that encompass all aspects of literacy, mathematics, science, social studies, health, art, music, and physical education. Students also acquire computer literacy and keyboarding skills at this level.

The flexible block schedule at Norwell Middle School offers a gradual transition to the high school environment and enables students to complete courses of study that encourage them to pursue challenging diploma options.
The more than 125 courses that Norwell High School offers with the Block 4 schedule provide students with numerous opportunities to prepare to enter two-year and four-year colleges and the workforce. Some of these opportunities include technology education; career and technical education, which includes the Information Technology Academy; dual enrollment with post-secondary institutions; Advanced Placement courses; and internships with local businesses.

1:1 Technology

 Northern Wells Community Schools is a 1:1 device corporation using the iPad. NWCS currently has in use 2400 iPads and 800 Windows Desktop computers throughout the district. Classroom technologies include: Document Cameras, Smartboards, Projectors, Apple TVs, and wireless infrastructure. Every NWCS teacher has been issued a MacBook Air laptop computer and an iPad Air for use in his or her classroom. All teachers in grades K-12 use eBackPack to deliver content for their instruction and assessment.

Teachers in Northern Wells Community Schools have several options for digital resources that support the education delivery model including:

  • Internet Access
  • United Streaming/Discovery Education
  • SIRS Researcher
  • WorldBook Online
  • Ebscohost
  • Inspire
  • SMART Exchange
  • iBooks Author
  • eBackPack

Language Arts

When teaching language arts, teachers use a well-balanced literacy approach that closely follows the Literacy Collaborative model. We follow the work of researchers and authors such as Fountas and Pinnell, Jan Richardson, Robert Marzano, and Isabel Beck. Each day the students participate in a 60-90 minute reading workshop, a 60 minute writing workshop and a word study workshop. Teachers structure each block of time so they can differentiate instruction based on data using small guided group instruction, mini lessons, independent reading and writing time, and conferencing.

Title I

Title I services focus on language arts in kindergarten through grade five at Lancaster Central and Ossian Elementary schools. Title I students in grades one and two participate in Systematic Supplemental Instruction (SSI), which provides supplemental reading and writing instruction for 30 minutes each day, three to four times a week. Primary and intermediate Literacy Coordinators and instructional support specialists provide instructional support to those students identified in grades three through five. Title I supports Reading Recovery and Literacy Collaborative at Lancaster Central and Ossian Elementary schools. Title I also supports math at Ossian Elementary in kindergarten through grade five by providing professional development to enhance teachers’ abilities to better meet the needs of the lowest achieving students. In addition, Title I supports extended learning time at Ossian Elementary for the most at-risk students through after-school tutoring and small-group instruction.
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