Technology in the Speech Room

    This year we have increased the amount and type of technology used in the speech room.  We have been using the student computers for all kinds of speech practice including developing auditory skills, practicing articulation and watching social skill videos.  This year , iPads have made an appearance in our room.  Both students and speech pathologist are having a wonderful time exploring the many uses of tablet technology. 

    We began by using the iPad to keep track of students' accuracy levels.  Using an app, students were able to help judge their own accuracy and at the end of the session note their percentages in their data folders.  The app also allowed the students to record their productions so they could listen and analyze.  More recently students have been videotaping themselves and each other.  Together they playback the video and using a checklist analyze how they did.  The visual gives a whole new meaning to some of the placement cues they have been hearing from their speech teachers!

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