1:1 Digital Learning Initiative

1:1 Digital Learning Initiative

Dear NWCS teaching staff,

The digital age is here. All of our students are natives to the digital world. Responses to this reality are occurring amongst us and around us. A push to eliminate text books is currently a reality both in our thinking as a school corporation and as an education system as a whole across the state and the country. This year, as you know, our neighbors to the south provided iPads to their students. East Allen County Schools, Huntington, and Southwest Allen have provided laptops or iPads to many of their students as well. We know it is inevitable that our students will be equipped with a device to be used as an integral part of their learning. Because of all of these forces, the NWCS School Board has directed me to prepare a plan for a 1:1 Digital Learning Initiative (1:1) in our schools.

The method we use for 1:1 is still very much undecided. There are a number of approaches that will be investigated to help us understand what method is best for our situation. Some schools are providing laptops for the students, some schools have lease-to-purchase devices and some schools are implementing a bring your own device (BYOD) concept for a 1:1. There are also schools using a combination of all methods.

Currently we are in the research and investigation phase of development of a 1:1 plan. We have started reading and sorting through literature in regards to 1:1. We have started dialogue with other schools who have implemented a 1:1 plan. We plan to attend conferences and seminars to learn how other schools have implemented their 1:1 initiative. We also plan to visit other schools who have implemented a 1:1 initiative.

Another piece of our investigation will be an audit conducted by One Community-IT in Action of our current technology capabilities. This investigation and audit will commence on January 21, 2013 and finish by February 1

, 2013. The technology audit will examine our hardware and software capabilities as well as determine the current status and potential of our technology users and consumers via interviews of teachers, students, parents, administrators, and other stakeholders.

The aim for this year is to prepare a plan that will help establish a timeline for a transition to 1:1. The plan is expected to be complete sometime after spring break and before the end of this school year with the implementation to be guided by the outcomes of the research, investigation, and technology audit. Our primary objective as we move to 1:1 is to ensure that student learning experiences the greatest positive impact as possible by making this transition.

As we proceed with 1:1 planning, it will be important to include teachers in the process. We are at a point where we would like to seek out teachers who want to help lead efforts to research and investigate the utilization of 1:1 in everyday learning and to assist in the planning of a transition to 1:1. You can refer to Tool Time page 6 to review the questions that need answered in our planning process. If you think you have the energy and desire to help with 1:1 planning, please let me know at your earliest convenience.

It is my hope that this information has helped remove some ambiguity for you and has given you a little more clarity as to the direction we are currently headed.

If you have any questions please let me know.



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