Creating an Apple ID

Creating an Apple ID


We will not be assigning an Apple ID to you for use with your iPad. You have a couple of options..

1. Use your current personal Apple ID. If you have ever purchased anything from iTunes or have an iOS device, you should already have an Apple ID. This will probably be the easiest solution for most people. To sign in with your personal Apple ID, you can go to Settings > iTunes > and Sign in or just go to the App Store and download a free app and you will be prompted to sign in. But if you would rather start fresh or have an Apple ID that's not tied to a credit card you can try option 2.

2. Creating a new Apple ID.

Managing your Apple ID.

There are a couple of steps that will make life much easier if you ever lose your Apple ID password.

  1. Make sure you write down your security questions and answers.
  2. Add a "rescue" alternate email to your Apple ID.

You can go to to edit information tied to your ID.

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